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Gravity Therapy's breakthrough cost reductions of the space age centrifuge used for astronaut rehabilitation has opened the door for the transfer of this
beneficial technology to earth.


The cost of these testing, research and rehabilitation centrifuges has run into millions of dollars, which prevented the transfer of this beneficial technology to the general population at large. The next step for utilization of the centrifuges benefits to humans on earth is to produce and market a cost effective system.

Gravity Therapy’s new device utilizes the centrifuge system to bring safe, low cost therapy to persons of limited movement.  The passive action of this NASA proven system speeds up healing and reduces recovery costs for all types of illness, surgery, disabled, inactive, aging and immobile persons, especially those with complications that limit moving and walking. 


Health treatments have gone through many paradigm shifts over the years and this will be another transition for cost effective faster healing and recovery time, enabled by the passive movement and action of the centrifuge.



Dr. Joan Vernikos

Dr. Joan Vernikos, co-founder and co-inventor of Gravity Therapy is one of the world’s leading authority’s on centrifuge benefits and understanding how  they can be used in the treatment for health and well-being of people suffering from Gravity Deprivation Syndrome as a result of a sedentary lifestyle, plus those suffering from a debilitating chronic condition or injury that impairs their mobility to enable faster healing and cost reductions.

She states that the centrifuge is the ultimate hypergravity machine. It is a rapidly rotating device that, by virtue of its centrifugal force, stimulates the effect of gravity and acceleration on whoever is riding it and this provides whole body weight training.

Hypergravity is the enhancement of earth’s gravity pull on the body and is the principle that the faster anything moves – acceleration - the heavier it becomes.  Spinning on a centrifuge provides the stimulation that is greater than earth’s 1G – hypergravity.  This increases the health benefits of gravity exposure, particularly when provided in an alternating mode such as acceleration and deceleration.  This is exactly what the Gravity Therapy centrifuge system does with its operational modes for control to benefit the user’s health needs.

The rehabilitation needs of astronauts living in zero gravity closely resembles post-surgery patients and those deconditioned by inactivity, age lengthy illness, bed-ridden geriatric or spinal cord injured patients, or those in casts for bone fractures or muscle or joint injuries.

Although the rehabilitation practices today are based on getting

patients out of bed, upright and walking as early as possible –

they have been slow at recognizing the role of gravity in

providing loading and directional cues especially for those with

limited movement that prevents walking.

Benefits of centrifuge use acquired from the space program

have been limited and their effectiveness have been less then

systematic mainly due to the high cost of centrifuges.

The good news is that these conditions can be significantly

alleviated with a good dose of Gravity Therapy’s cost effective

centrifuge system.

Gravity Therapy



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