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About Gravity Therapy

Gravity Therapy LLC is a Wisconsin rehabilitation startup company utilizing a centrifuge system designed to bring safe, low cost therapy to persons of limited movement. This new unique product provides a passive state of the art NASA proven centrifuge system that speeds up healing and reduces recovery costs for all types of illness, surgery, disabled, inactive, aging and immobile persons, especially those with complications that limit moving or walking.

I learned about the centrifuge used in space from Dr. Joan Vernikos after reading her books.  Dr. Joan is a scientist who worked in NASA’s Space program for over forty years and was responsible for John Glenn’s health in his return to space at 77 years of age.  Her books reported how the centrifuge was used to reverse bone and muscle loss caused by zero gravity in space and that this technology needed to be transferred from space to Earth for medical benefits.

I contacted Dr. Vernikos and asked her why the transfer from NASA to medical industry use had not happened.  She stated the multi million dollar cost of these centrifuges prevented this transfer. I told her I could build one for a fraction of that cost.

Dr. Joan was impressed with the video demonstrations of the prototype unit I built. This prompted her to fly here last spring. She tested the centrifuge system which further intensified her interest, and we decided to form a new company to market this system.

Although the major rehabilitation use of the centrifuge for astronauts in the space program was for prevention or replacement of lost bone and muscle caused by zero gravity, recent data shows that longer space flights deteriorate every component of their bodies.


Persons on earth that are disabled, inactive, aging and immobile have similar health problems as those caused by zero gravity in space.

The Gravity Therapy centrifuge system is designed to counter the zero gravity effects of these issues and be used in rehabilitation centers, clinics, hospitals, chiropractor offices, nursing homes, senior care centers, wellness centers, gyms, sport centers and homes.



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